The Frothy Cup

Web Design & Shopify Development

Project Overview

The Frothy Cup owners Amanda and Alan were trying to make updates on their (at the time) Wordpress website after recently acquiring the business. With all the trouble of individual plugins to manage and themes, their website crashed (it hadn't been updated since 2015!). They reached out looking for a solution that would allow them to keep track of inventory and online orders, while also allowing them to easily update content and breathe some new life into their digital real estate.

My Contributions

After getting what files they had on hand for the business in their time of distress, I got to work right away on migrating their existing website from Wordpress over to Shopify. We decided that Shopify was their best solution to help them manage their online store easily and take away the pains of managing constant updates and hosting through Wordpress. I quickly built out their e-commerce store and set them up for success with targeted SEO and designing with accessibility and UX in mind. Within two days, The Frothy Cup's online store was live, running smoothly and receiving orders flawlessly.
The Frothy Cup's website displayed on a desk with monitors, showing the desktop view of the pages.
With the stresses of taking on a new business and then having their online store crash, Amanada and Alan were eager to get their store up and running again to avoid any major downtime for their valuable online customers. Their Wordpress website was heavily dated in terms of software, content and design – with parts of the website that were broken and unresponsive on mobile, so a refresh was also something they were looking for help with.

With their goal to bring The Frothy Cup into the modern market in mind, I curated and created assets that would help leverage them as the premium coffee source that they were already known for throughout the community. I built out a menu page as well, so that they could market all their unique coffee drinks, smoothies and homemade baked goods through their new website.

I created a unique filtering system for users to help decide what type of roast they would like and narrow their selection down from there. I also leveraged stock imagery and video to create an enticing welcome video that helps relay their care and passion for their roasting process.

Building their e-commerce shop from the ground up, I created mockups product shots to display their coffee in a uniform manner and created a look of a professional online retailer. I also set up product weights and shipping calculations to help automate processing of orders and help them keep track of inventories. Payments and taxes were also set up for Amanda and Alan, so their shop was essentially turn-key from day one.

With the ability to manage their content more easily, The Frothy Cup is enjoying the perks they get through the Shopify platform, such as inventory tracking and easy shipping management. They also are enjoying peace of mind, knowing their store is ready to scale and handle all the online orders they receive. These days, they look at that Wordpress website crash as a blessing in disguise. Check out The Frothy Cup's live website.

About the work

The Frothy Cup's website displayed on the iPhone13, showing the mobile responsiveness.The Frothy Cup's website displayed on a laptop, showing the desktop view of the homepage.The Frothy Cup's website displayed on a desk with monitors, showing the desktop view of the pages.
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