Ser ve

Web Design and Webflow Development

Project Overview

Serve's co-founder, Todd, approached me to help their fintech startup migrate their Squarespace website to Webflow. They felt like they were too restricted with the limitations of a more basic builder, and wanted their website to be unique and reflect their brand and mission to be different. With plans to build up content for their users over time, they also wanted to have a powerful CMS at their fingertips for easy management and scalability.

My Contributions

Over the course of 2 months, we worked through content and brand strategies, wire-framing and creating an impactful high-fidelity design that I then developed in Webflow. Following industry best practices for accessibility, UX and SEO, we crafted a beautiful website that helped them stand out and effectively relay their mission and goals to their users
The Serve's website displayed on a desk with monitors, showing the desktop view of the pages.

About the work

Working with Serve's Chief Operations Manager, Heba, as well as their other founding members, Todd and Francene, we were able to navigate the goals of Serve and the main deliverables that they wanted to provide their users pre-launch of their full website.

Working collaboratively with the team, we created a strategy that helped relay their mission and values to their users. After developing a plan for an impactful information architecture for the website, we got to work creating low-fidelity wireframes and creating pathways that would be frictionless for their users to navigate and find what they would want to know.

After approval, high-fidelity mockups were developed in Adobe XD and were easily iterated on among the team from there. One of the main goals of the website was to be a tool to relay their values and mission, help differentiate them from their competition, and establish a sense of trust through transparency and a welcoming, yet professional brand style.

Development in Webflow went very smoothly and we were able to quickly design for mobile responsiveness as we went along. I built out a couple custom components for Serve to aid users in comparing them alongside their industry competition, as well as helped set up their CMS for adding content down the road. Final touches included custom animations and interactions, as well as ensuring that their SEO was set up for success and all images were optimized for the best UX possible.

Thanks to the power of Webflow, Serve's team is able to try new content quickly and we have launched new iterations frequently and easily. Check out Serve's live website
The Serve website displayed on the iPhone13, showing the mobile responsiveness.The Serve's website displayed on a laptop, showing the desktop view of the homepage.
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