Bimas Bikes

UX Design & Webflow Development

Project Overview

Bimas Bikes is an up and coming electric bike startup based in the Netherlands. When Amsterdam-based digital marketing agency, Keplar, approached me for help with their client's project, they were on a severe time crunch. With a fast approaching deadline, they needed help with Webflow development on their client's site that was set to launch the following day at lunchtime. Despite the difference in timezones, Keplar's DevOps team and I were able to coordinate together and deliver the website in less than 24 hours and saved the day.

My Contributions

With Keplar's 24 hour turnaround time crunch, we dove in using a design that their design team quickly threw together using an existing template as a jumping off point. After getting their Figma files, I was able to create and develop the website in a matter of hours. I went back through and developed the mobile UX and tested across all browsers and devices before handing it back off to the Keplar team. I set up the client's products in the Webflow CMS and set up their pages to filter accordingly, in addition to adding custom interactions and animations.
The Bimas Bike's website displayed on a desk with monitors, showing the desktop view of the pages.

About the work

After I received the design files and logos from Keplar, I got to work on developing the Bimas Bikes website. Starting with the desktop breakpoint, I matched their design files and was able to incorporate some custom animations and interactions that would be subtle, yet engaging for the users. I created a hover interaction that linked with the products within the CMS to display a bike type on hover of the text. It was interactive and fun to see the bikes pop up to the side when you hovered over the list of bikes they offered.

Once satisfied with the desktop pages, I worked my way down the other breakpoints and arranged the content to follow industry best practices and allow for a good experience for the user. Making sure the content was still displayed in a digestible format, I was able to complete the responsive design for the smaller devices quickly and efficiently.

Building and connecting the forms for the Bimas Bikes website was crucial to ensure they were able to get in contact and collect valuable data for potential dealers and customers. After linking all the forms, I also made sure that all images were optimized and ready for the web, ensuring a light website and fast load time.

With the deadline, I was sure to get the website back into the hands of the agency's development team quickly, and since they were fairly new to Webflow, I stayed in contact with them to answer any additional questions they had and was a valuable asset pre- and post-launch. I've left my door open to Keplar in the event they need additional assistance or consultation with Webflow and SEO best practices. Check out the Bimas Bikes website.

The Bimas Bikes website displayed on the iPhone13, showing the mobile responsiveness.The Bimas Bike's website displayed on a laptop, showing the desktop view of the contact page.
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