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Project Overview is an educational website and resource for the community to find articles and information about this unique breed of dog. A personal project of mine, I originally hand-coded with website when l was learning to code. Recently relaunched with the power of Webflow, utilizing many skills I have learned in my self-taught journey.

My Contributions

Built in Webflow, I wanted to be sure to utilize and leverage their CMS and interactions to make a unique website that also performed well and was easy to maintain. Besides the build itself, I also contributed all the copywriting and much of the photography for this project. All photos were optimized for the web, so the large gallery would not be so heavy for my mobile users.
The website displayed on a laptop, showing the desktop view of the blog page.
Originally, I built out a simpler version of this website on my own while teaching myself how to code with HTML, CSS and JS. Hosted on GithubPages, I was able to maintain and update the code and content for the website for some time before I decided to rebuild it in Webflow.

Having transitioned to developing primarily in Webflow, I wanted to take the opportunity to rebuild this website using that platform and utilize skills that I had gained in my web design and web development career. I leveraged the CMS capabilities of Webflow to build out various collections on the website and make creating content in the future a breeze.

A big desire with this website is for it to be a useful resource to the community who want to learn more about these dogs, but also a place for people that are passionate about the breed to find interesting articles in the blog and amazing photography in the gallery. I built out both the blog and gallery with the CMS, so I'm excited to continue to grow the content that is available quickly and efficiently.

Optimizing for SEO and performance was also large priority, to help with the rankings on search engines, like Google, and to create a high-performing website for my users. Creating a responsive and enjoyable mobile experience with Webflow was frictionless and came quick by following industry best practices.

This is a project that will continue to evolve over time, and is a place for me to experiment and test different strategies for content and branding.
Check out the live website for

About the work

The website displayed on the iPhone13, showing the mobile responsiveness.The website displayed on a laptop, showing the desktop view of the homepage.The website displayed on a desk with monitors, showing the desktop view of the pages.
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